Makhukho Makhunyane | C.E.O

Welcome To Masimo Agro-processing & Crops

Masimo was established to tell the rich story of the Africa’s natural, exquisite cuisine and also produce products preserving the high nutritive value, the taste, the cultural heritage of the Indigenous crop and dishes. We promote the planting and consumption of indigenous crops.

Under our Agro-processing company we produce four types of indigenous vegetables, namely:

  • Morogo wa Lephutse
  • Morogo wa Monawa
  • Morogo wa Thepe
  • Morogo wa Thelele
  • Morogo wa Lerotho

These leafy vegetable were chosen because of their high nutritional content, they have also been consumed in our country for generations and remain a source of nutrition within our communities. Masimo Agro Processing seeks to bring into mainstream production the production of these nutritious vegetables. The vegetables are available Frozen, Fresh or Dehydrated.

Our vegetables enable access to affordable nutritious food that is high in fiber, monounsaturated fats, calcium iron and other nutrients straight from mother nature.

For our dehydrated vegetables there is no further processing until you cook . We bring the goodness of the mother nature straight to your table.

We also have Masimo Life Style. This is a concept were we encourage the use of indigenous vegetables to be incorporated high end gourmet meals so that indigenous foods are not only seen as rural foods but an essential ingredient that can be incorporated into high end cuisine.

After all we have your health @ heart.

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