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Masimo takes pride in telling the rich story of the Africa’s Natural exquisite cuisine and in preserving the High Nutritive value, the taste and cultural heritage of the Indigenous crop and dishes.

It’s time to kick start
a new lifestyle and include merogo in your diet.

Enjoy food prepared from Indigenous African Leafy vegetables. Merogo or Umfino leafy vegetables are high in nutritional value, easy to prepare and taste great.

Preparation Instructions

The Indigenous Vegetables we offer have many benefits:

  • Morogo wa Lephutse : Pumpkin Leaves – High in Carbohydrates, Proteins and Vitamin A
  • Morogo wa Monawa : Cowpea – High in mono unsaturated fats, Energy and Iron, Calcium and fibre
  • Morogo wa Thepe : Amaranth – A source of mono unsaturated fats, Energy and Iron.
  • Morogo wa Thelele : Corchorus – High in Poly unsaturated fat, Sucrose and carbohydrates.
  • Morogo wa Lephutse : Cleome – High in Energy, Protein and Ash.
How to reduce weight

Prepared with very little fat and naturally fortified with a host of vitamins adding indigenous vegetables to your diet helps you lose weight.

to improve health

Because indigenous vegetable occur naturally and are sun dried, They are high in Unsaturated fats, Dietary fiber, Calcium, Energy and Iron

Improve Your Lifestyle

As a part of Masimo Crops we have Masimo Lifestyle where we share recipes, and how to use indigenous vegetables to prepare gourmet meals to restaurant quality standards.

We have you health @ HEART